Advantage Over Endee


We work with the best architects and each of our projects is characterized by design that is both creative and functional. At the outset, we are focused on the customers who will ultimately inhabit and use the space, and all elements of design concentrate on ensuring that their needs are fulfilled.


From selecting a site to delivering a finished building, quality consciousness pervades all our operations. It is our firm belief that not only do buildings of quality constantly increase in value, they are also easier to maintain in the long run, thus benefiting all those associated with them.


At Endee Properties, the same care and attention to detail goes into whatever we do, regardless of project size. We are focused on adding value to a property from start to finish. We realize that several factors go into providing real estate solutions that protect customer investment- most importantly, Location, Design, Quality, Cost-Effectiveness, Timely Execution, Transparency and Customer Service. These are the fundamentals of our approach.


To deliver true benefits, projects must be effectively managed, not only to monitor costs, but also to control scheduling. Our integrated systems, sophisticated infrastructure and professional project management techniques ensure streamlined operations and timely completion.


Our rock-solid reputation is derived from a strong financial base and an emphasis on completely transparent dealings. Our systems are in-place and we are currently in the process of becoming an ISO: 9001 certified company.

Customer Service

Our steadily expanding customer base is the result of a genuine understanding of diverse client requirements. From designing and constructing an entire complex for one customer, to helping individuals with paper-work, the emphasis is always on maximizing customer satisfaction.